Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Hello and welcome to My Favorite Things 5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash. Today we're showing how we organize our inks and coloring mediums.  

Let me start by showing you how I organize my Copics. I have them inside a marker storage grid that fits inside the Ikea Roskog cart. It has built in handles to lift out and place on a desk.  I love the convenience of being able to take my Copics anywhere I want. You can find the storage HERE.

Under the Copics in the Ikea Roskog cart, I store my waterbase markers in a Ikea Socker plant pots.

In the Ikea Alex drawer next to where I do most of my crafting, I keep my favorite Copic friendly inks. I also store my Premium Dyes Cubes and  Distress Cubes in the Mini Ink Tray from Organizemore in the same drawer. These trays hold up to 60 mini inks, and I love that you can stack two on top of each other and they still fit in the drawer. 

I keep my larger inks such as the Premium Dye Inks and Distress Oxides in the Organizemore 60 Standard Ink Organizer. I labeled the Premium Dye Inks and store them upside down. For the Distress Oxides, I adhered strips of smooth Bristol paper that I inked going from light to dark and  adhered clear label on top.

I store my Alcohol Inks and ink refills in a Ikea Skadis shelf and it's hanging on a Ikea Skadis Pegboard. When I need to use it, I can easily remove the shelf from the pegboard and place it on my desk.  

I have my Prismacolor pencils and assortment of pens in a Rotating Utensil Holder by Pampered Chefs. Having it out on my desk, I tend to use the pencils more with Copic markers to enhance my coloring.  That's it for today.

Thanks for visiting me today and I hope I'll see you again tomorrow as I share how I store my stamps.

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  1. Hi Amy! I'm loving all the DT craft storage ideas. I noticed you store your MFT inks upside down, is the optimal way to store them?